Often, there is a need to change or enforce a divorce judgment, a child-support order, a visitation schedule order, or other court order in effect. To do so requires the filing of a motion to change the order (a motion to modify) or to enforce the order (a motion to enforce.) This is known as a post-judgment motion.

Generally speaking, post-judgment motions arise when there is some friction between the divorced parties or some problem which cannot be resolved without legal intervention. This is why post-judgment motions also include the Motion for Contempt, which is filed if the other party ignores your motion to modify or enforce.

There are occasions, though, when both parties come together on the need to change an existing order. In such cases, limited scope representation is appropriate and can save you a significant amount of money. However, we can only represent one side, so your ex will likely have to seek similar counsel or appear pro se (“one one’s own behalf”).

How Much Does Limited Scope Representation Cost in Wisconsin?

Every attorney offering limited scope representation has a different fee structure and every client’s needs are different, so it’s impossible to generalize. However, by only using an attorney for help with an issue of limited scope, such as reviewing paperwork you filled out or drafting a motion for the court, you will spend far less than you would with a traditional attorney-client relationship.

Like many attorneys offering limited scope representation, Divorce PRO offers legal counsel on a flat fee basis. The cost ranges from $50 to $200, depending on the service. Compare this to the average hourly fee of $210 charged by attorneys in Wisconsin and it’s easy to see how limited scope representation can save you money.

Get Help Filing Your Post Judgment Motion

If circumstances have changed since your court order was put into effect, you may be thinking of filing a post judgment motion. Divorce PRO can help. Ideally, you would provide us a rough draft of how you’d like to see the order revised. We’ll put this into proper legal format and language for filing with the court. The total cost will be far less than if you had an attorney on retainer handling this.

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The best way to know whether Divorce PRO makes sense for your situation is to request a free case evaluation. Everything you disclose in our confidential Intake Questionnaire and everything we discuss in our meeting is kept confidential. Once we know a little about your case and your goals, we can determine if limited scope representation is advisable or if you would be better served by full legal representation.

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