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The affordable limited divorce counsel offered through Divorce PRO gives you the ability to save money and handle your divorce the way you want - with limited scope representation from our New Berlin divorce attorneys. Quick divorces are often easier than people think - if you and your soon-to-be-ex agree to an amicable divorce, then you don’t need to hire any expensive divorce attorneys or fight in court. Fill out our confidential intake questionnaire to see if our pro-se divorce strategy is right for you.

How to File for Divorce in New Berlin

Since Wisconsin is a no fault state, you can head to the Waukesha County courthouse to file the appropriate paperwork together: without having to prove anyone was to blame for the marriage ending. You do not need any legal representation at the courthouse at the time of filing.

File for Divorce in 7 Steps

  1. Visit the Waukesha County Courthouse
  2. Decide to file jointly or separately
  3. Request a temporary hearing if you and your spouse do not agree on all issues
  4. File the action with the court
  5. Get a date and time for a hearing
  6. Attend your hearing (be polite)
  7. Walk away

New Berlin Family Court

You and your soon-to-be-ex can head to the Waukesha County courthouse to fill out the separation paperwork and pay the appropriate filing fee outlined below. Couples filing for divorce in Waukesha County should take them to the Family Division Room C-112 at the courthouse location below, Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm to have them reviewed for completeness and copied (if necessary for a fee). All paperwork can be found on the Waukesha County Court site or at the family court offices. Divorce PRO can provide limited scope representation for couples filing an uncontested, amicable or no fault divorce.

Where to File for Divorce in New Berlin

Waukesha County Courthouse

515 W. Moreland Blvd
Waukesha WI, 53188

New Berlin Filing Fees

The filing fees for divorce differ between the Wisconsin counties, but the filing fees in Waukesha County are:

File for divorce with NO request for support or maintenance: $184.50
File for divorce WITH request for support or maintenance: $194.50

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Those filing may fill out a fee waiver request form which may waive all court fees if there are appropriate circumstances.

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