A joint application for divorce is simply a way for both a husband and wife to petition the court for a divorce together, instead of one spouse filing a petition for divorce and the other responding to the petition. Generally, when both parties can agree enough to file a joint petition for divorce, there is an excellent chance the divorce will not be a long, drawn out battle.

What Does Wisconsin Require In A Joint Petition for Divorce?

Joint petition divorces are fairly common with short term marriages and those with no children and no significant assets and debts to divide. Along with the petition, the court requires a financial disclosure form. If children are involved, the petition must be accompanied by a child support form.

A joint petition for divorce also requires the filing of a Marital Settlement Agreement, which lays out how assets and debts will be distributed and, if children are involved, the specific provisions for legal custody and support. This is a critical document, and if you are thinking of representing yourself pro se (“on your own behalf”), Divorce PRO can help ensure you don’t sign off on something you’ll later regret.

Limited Scope Representation When Filing Jointly for Divorce

Because a joint filing for divorce is a mutual effort, it is usually well suited for limited scope representation. However, even though you are filing jointly we can only represent one of you. If for any reason during the divorce proceeding things turn sour, the party without representation will either have to continue on pro se or retain an attorney.

In the vast majority of cases, however, joint petitions for divorce go smoothly and limited scope representation ends up saving both parties a lot of money—on average, about one-fourth of what it would cost with full legal representation. When you consider the typical divorce in Wisconsin averages around $11,000 (with nearly $9,000 going to legal fees), you can see how Divorce PRO can save you a lot of money.

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