In Wisconsin, child support is determined by comparing the gross (pre-tax) earnings of each parent and applying a credit for each day (overnight) each parent spends raising the child. This information is then converted to a fixed monthly payment amount using a formula published by the Department of Children and Families (DCF). From there, either parent can ask the Family Court for an increase or decrease based on other factors brought to its attention, such as the financial resources of the child or of either parent, the best interests of the child, the earning capacity of a parent, or any other reason supporting a finding of unfairness. Divorce PRO Wisconsin knows that money matters, so we offer forensic accounting assistance in all financial aspects of divorce. Let our experienced pro se advocates help you get the numbers right.

A Few "Quick" Facts About Child Support

Regardless of custody, both parents are expected to share financial responsibility for their child once the divorce is filed. In many cases, this extends to childcare, health insurance costs, uninsured medical, dental, and vision care, and other (variable) costs for things like school, sports, and social activities. Here are some other important points to consider:

  • Child support payments are not tax deductible and are not taxed as income.
  • Gross income for child support can include bonuses, commissions, and overtime pay; interest and investment income; and workers’ compensation, Social Security disability, and unemployment benefits.
  • A parent who has less than 25% of the overnight placement in a given year is considered a noncustodial parent and will contribute 17% of gross income for one child; 25% for two children; 29% for three children; 31% for four children; and 34% for five or more children.
  • Child support can be modified whenever there is a substantial change in circumstances, such as the loss of a job or a change in income, or if there is a change in the needs of the child.
  • Child support terminates at the earlier of your child’s graduation from high school or the date he or she turns 19.
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Limited Scope Representation in Child Support Actions

Getting child support right is no easy task and a bad result can affect the whole family. In the absence of an agreement, the Family Court will decide child support based on the statutory guidelines and on what is presented by the parties. Any mistake or miscalculation can add up to thousands of dollars lost over time. When child support is at issue, having an experienced divorce attorney, divorce mediator, or forensic accountant help you crunch the numbers can make all the difference. Let the pros at Divorce PRO Wisconsin help you find an affordable, issue-specific solution that meets your needs and your budget.