The term “uncontested divorce” describes a divorce proceeding in which both parties agree to the divorce and neither one disputes any of the issues that the court must consider to approve the divorce. The key to an uncontested divorce is being able to come to an agreement on your own. If you and your spouse can do this, you’ll have less stress, fewer court appearances, and lower legal costs. Your divorce can also be finalized much sooner.

Is Uncontested Divorce the Same As Amicable Divorce?

Yes, for all practical purposes, an uncontested, or “no contest divorce” is the same as an “amicable divorce.” This occurs when neither party is disputing any of the matters the court must consider and approve in a divorce, which include:
  • The division of all marital property and assets
  • The division of all marital debt
  • The amount and duration of spousal support (alimony)
  • If children are involved, the legal custody and physical placement arrangements
  • The amount of child support to be paid
An uncontested divorce is more likely in cases where the couple has no minor children, few assets and no real estate holdings. Additionally, if both parties are able to support themselves, or are at least able to become self-supporting, and it's a short-term marriage, spousal support will be less of an issue. Obviously, if there is little to fight over, there is little chance of a dispute.

Limited Scope Representation in Uncontested Divorces

Couples attempting an uncontested divorce usually have a mutual interest in not squandering their assets on attorney fees. Although handling your divorce on your own (a "pro se divorce") avoids the expense of an attorney, there will be times you’ll wish you had the expertise of an attorney. That’s where Divorce PRO comes in.

With Divorce PRO, you get the help you need when you need it, without forking out a big retainer fee. Whether it’s helping you formulate your agreement or preparing you for court, Divorce PRO will ensure that your divorce goes smoothly and that you don’t get a result that you didn't expect or want.

How Much Does Representation Cost?

Divorce PRO provides legal services on a task-by-task basis, with costs and fees ranging from $50 to $200 per service. The final cost of your divorce is up to you, but start-to-finish, you'll probably pay about a quarter of what you would pay for full-service legal representation. There are no retainer fees, and your initial consultation is free.

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