Divorce PRO represents both men and women involved in or looking to begin paternity actions in Wisconsin. We provide assistance on an as-needed basis - from reviewing forms or paperwork you’ve completed to ensure they are ready to be filed with the court to accompanying you on court appearances.

Limited scope representation makes having an attorney affordable. Not everyone can or wants to pay the big retainer and high fees most attorneys charge, but representing yourself pro se in a paternity case can be intimidating. With Divorce PRO, you have an attorney with over 20 years of experience in family law looking out for your best interests.

Reasons to Establish Paternity

There are reasons for both parents to establish paternity of their child. While many unwed fathers seek to avoid establishing paternity, usually in an effort to avoid a child support obligation, a father who is not legally recognized as such has no legal right to see his child and no legal right to be involved in any decisions made about the child.

Sometimes mothers are intimidated by the father into not pursuing an establishment of paternity, but without proven paternity you cannot petition the court for child support from the father. There is also no way to enroll the child on the father’s health insurance plan, no way for the child to benefit from his Social Security or veteran’s benefits, and no way for the child to inherit any of the father’s assets.

Is Your Paternity Action Suitable for Limited Scope Representation?

Limited scope representation isn’t for everyone, but if you and the other parent of your child are on the same page with regards to establishing paternity, it can save you both a lot of money in legal fees. The average hourly rate for a family law attorney in Wisconsin is $210. In contrast, Divorce PRO offers legal advice and representation on specific matters at a flat rate ranging from $50 to $200.

Working with Divorce PRO

Get a fast and affordable divorce. Traditional divorces cost upwards of $10,000 in legal fees. By using a collaborative divorce method, Divorce PRO provides quick, no-fault divorce services at a fraction of the price of a typical law firm.

In an uncontested divorce, a court doesn’t have to get involved. If you’re ending a short-term marriage, an amicable divorce is likely the quickest and lowest-cost solution. We’ll provide mediation services and legal advice to help you reach a fair settlement negotiation.

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