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Why Divorce PRO?

We are a low-cost legal resource with a pulse: We listen, we care, and we advise. We are real, experienced family law attorneys on call, with NO retainer, NO billable hours, and NO long-term commitment.

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Our practice philosophy is simple: Do only what the client asks, do it right, and get out of the way. With Divorce PRO Wisconsin, you control your case and your costs. Tell us what you want to accomplish and we will find an affordable way to get it done. Why go entirely unrepresented when real help is just one click away? Talk to an experienced family lawyer and decide if Divorce PRO can work for you. Let us help you help yourself.

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You only pay for the services you need, when you need them, and at a cost that you can afford.

Do It Yourself Divorce in Wisconsin?

Do It Yourself BETTER with Limited Scope Representation

Over the past 20 years, there has been a meteoric rise in the number of Wisconsin residents going through their divorce without any legal representation. The fact is most full-service law firms have priced themselves way above what most people are willing or able to pay for legal services, even in low conflict cases.

With Limited Scope Representation, also known as "unbundled legal services," you decide what you want help with and when and how much you want to pay. Once you and your attorney agree on what needs to be done, it gets done and done right, and then you are back to DIY until you need us again. With Divorce PRO Wisconsin, it has never been easier to get legal advice from an experienced family law attorney. Whether you want to consult on a specific issue or procedure, get a document prepared, or get yourself ready to appear in court, we are a couple of clicks or better yet, a phone call away. At Divorce PRO Wisconsin, YOU control the representation, and most importantly, the costs.

Divorce PRO Wisconsin is the affordable alternative to going it alone.

What Services Are Included Under Limited Scope Representation?


"The experience of working with DivorcePro has been exceptional. The advice and preparation for legal hearings was very helpful and saved me a lot of stress! Questions were answered promptly and assistance with any paperwork was handled very professionally. Thankful to have found their services!"

- Jodene A.

"Carl went above and beyond anything that was requested. Very professional. Carl was very helpful assisting in my needs. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!"

- Nikki E.

"Carl is absolutely amazing! Helped me with my divorce in a timely manner. I would recommended him for anyone with questions or needs help!"

- Amber J.

"My experience working with Carl at DivorcePro has been nothing but exceptional. He is helpful, professional, and thorough, making pro se divorce possible where it probably wouldn't be without his assistance. I would not hesitate to recommend DivorcePro's services to anyone I know."

- Ashley R.


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